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Holly's Indy Car support group continues on from there, from Will Power to James Hinchcliffe to Marco Andretti to lesser-known people in the sport.

Several of the lesser-knowns grabbed milkshakes with Holly at Steak & Shake near Indianapolis Motor Speedway at a.m.

Petersburg, FL with their two sons: Sebastian born February 1, 2009, and Oliver, born March 19, 2011.“In a sitting room where broad windows frame a view of Coffee Pot Bayou sleeps the center of the universe, Sebastian Daniel Wheldon, born Feb. Dan Wheldon doesn’t much try to deny he’s a doting father.

Male athletes often talk about their brotherhood, the group with shared experiences that bonds them.

Danica Patrick, a fellow Indy Car driver, released a statement about Dan Wheldon's death, and specifically mentioned Susie Wheldon; "There are no words for today. I pray for Susie [Wheldon] and the kids that God will give them strength.""Indy Car is sad to announce that Dan Wheldon...

All started as a rumour, now it has intensified, who is the lucky girlfriend of Dario Franchitti who was seen with an engagement ring?! I would have never imagined they were about to split. All we can say is nice try to that site who published it, better luck next time, the pic with that headline is below.

She spread his message via social media, accumulating more Twitter followers -- nearly 12,000 so far -- than some of Indy Car's drivers.

The English driver is survived by his wife Susie Wheldon and their two sons. Part of a horrific 15-car accident on the Las Vegas track, Wheldon was airlifted to a local hospital after being removed from the smoldering wreckage. Read Full Story Tragedy struck the racetrack yesterday as two-time Indianapolis 500 champ Dan Wheldon died from injuries sustained after a fiery collision at the Indy Car Wold Championship at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.Indy Car has one, too, with a sister who's part of the fraternity. Holly wasn't just the youngest sibling of the two-time Indianapolis 500 winner killed a year ago this week at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.She was his most vocal and visible fan, especially in recent years.A certain website reported that Dario and girlfriend, were spotted shopping for rings, the pair was seen closely eyeing some pricey bling in a couple of major jewelry stores particularly foremost diamond baubles that could only be described as the type usually slipped on a woman’s left-hand ring finger. His alleged latest conquest is a young, attractive blonde, wait what??? They just looked so happy, I guess appearances can fool you. You can try to find if Dario has any pic with a girl that he could be dating if you like, but I think your chances are…As per my opinion I believe he shouldn’t put an end to a 11-year marriage to actress and activist Ashley Judd… He has been in one pretty serious relationship averaging approximately 14.5 years with pretty Ashley Judd. Just like the pics of Dario kissing a mysterious blonde. minimum, You can watch Dario talking about being a bachelor again the video we posted below.

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When tragedy struck, everyone in Indy Car was affected.

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