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It happens once in a blue moon - finding someone you can wear heels around and still be shorter than him!

But moments like this are such a rarity that you don't know how to handle yourself. You're used to going down, not up, and can your arms even move like that?

We've all seen very tall girls hunched over, pulling awkwardly at their clothes, or generally looking hyper-aware of the fact that they're taller than most of the guys around them – and hyper-aware that most of the guys probably aren't comfortable with it.

To learn more about what beauty means to tall girls, I spoke with my friend Cara* – who, at just around 6'1", fluctuates between a 10 and 12 US dress size – about the realities of living in her body.

More recently, the Internet offers numerous examples of tall women bemoaning how difficult it is to date with their height. The typical British female is, according to the Office for National Statistics, 5’3”.

Height is associated with strength, a nutritious diet, and good genes.Your friends try to set you up with people based on height alone.If he's a stable Capricorn and you're a firery Aries but if he's 6'4, your friends think it's written in the stars. That said, it would probably still be nice to climb his body like a jungle gym! This article will give you some tips on how to best approach the girl and how to make sure you both feel comfortable and secure with your relationship.This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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