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But even before they are grownups, social media offers youth the opportunity to connect with, and learn from, people all over the world.These connections can make the world smaller, help to build bridges and tolerance, and prepare our youth for the connected life of the future.So talk to your teens about the Seventeen blog, especially if they read it.See what they think, and talk with them about why online dating is a bad idea for them.But our children will be grownups one day, and if they don’t have the skills they need to navigate the world of online relationships, they will run into trouble.Manti Te’o’s 2-year love affair with a nonexistent person is a great example.But really, very little about navigating online relationships is black and white. There are ways to gather data about strangers that can help you figure out if they can be trusted—but none of those ways are foolproof.There are also ways to have relationships online without putting yourself at risk—but those ways will vary depending on the situation.

As they enter the world of dating, it should be with people they know in a real world context, not a cyber-world context.That’s why parents need to have ongoing conversations with their teens about what they are doing and who they are meeting online.There’s no way a teen is going to have those conversations if all they hear from you is doom and gloom. They will make friends online, and they won’t tell you about it.This was common practice at the New Jersey high school where she was a senior and her best way into a swipe-right culture that promised access to intimacy and acceptance. Perhaps for most, it offered a rough introduction into the adult sexual economy. For many, it had become a place to find random hookups and validation.

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Online dating is a bad idea for teens—especially young teens.

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