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In other words, the superfold is "borne out by the foldings proper to the chains of the genetic code, and the potential of silicon in third-generation machines, as well as by the contours of a sentence in modern literature, when literature 'merely turns back on itself in an endless reflexivity'" (131). The film can also be seen to provide explicit intertextual hints to feminist media theories of later decades from Allucquêre Rosanne Stone to Donna Haraway and Sherry Turkle (Kinder 177-78). Hershman Leeson's works have been circulating similar themes for decades.

Subjectification happens via a folding of the inside with its outside, which leads us to think of Ruby's repetitious behavior as a marker of her status in the contours of the superfold. As noted above, the Roberta Breitmore performance from the mid-1970s can be seen as a key precursor to 204). This text relates to a larger research project on "The Insect Theory of Media" that examines figurations of insects as specific intensive figures of media since the late nineteenth century. As Parisi notes in her analysis of bacterial sex, foldings happen as perceptions between bodies: "As an act of selection, perception entails a collision of bodies that unfolds the virtual action of the environment on the body, affecting the capacity of reception and action of a body in the environment" (178). Statistically, bioinformatics is experiencing a steady belief in the future of the market, which is predicted to experience a 15% growth, reaching 3 billion by 2010.

Also thanks to Sian Sampson for her help with copyediting. This theme of the curious mix of visuality and computer programming is analyzed by Chun in "On Software, or the Persistence of Visual Knowledge." 7. Bolter and Grusin argue that new media is characterized by its particular style of remediating, or reusing, old media.

Here I approach remediation as a tactic the SRAs express in their adaptation to the contours of human life--an adaptation that takes place via media forms like television.

Swinton plays bio-geneticist and modern day Frankenstein ‘Rosetta Stone’, who creates three cyborgian clones: ‘Ruby’, ‘Olive’ and ‘Marine’, through a mixing of DNA and computer programming.

Sexuality itself produces, acts as a motor of creation (cf. Clearly, this something else can be quite varied, and be more or less directly related to the animal in question: it can be the animal's natural food (dirt and worm), or its exterior relations with other animals (you can become-dog with cats, or become-monkey with a horse), or an apparatus or prosthesis to which a person subjects the animal (muzzle for reindeer, etc.), or something that does not even have localizable relation to the animal in question. Grosz warns of the dangers of thinking in terms of "progression" in becomings (1461). We are supposed to be self-replicating, she has erased our code for that. as human societies.) Some decades later, in 1933, Walter Benjamin saw imitation as pertinent to diverse natural phenomena, though he thought the human being has a special faculty for mimesis. I don't understand their engines, we are such an improvement: why aren't there more of us?is an affecting portrait of friendship, loss and regret.It was a great success for writer-director Bill Condon, who won the Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar for his work.

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