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Deciding what is in their children’s best interests is challenging for parents – emotionally, intellectually, and financially. If you are considering divorce, contact us so we can help by sending you our free e-Book: Your First Steps: 7 Steps Planning Your Tennessee Divorce. But application of Tennessee child support law to an individual case is not so clear cut. The first question a client is likely to ask a family lawyer is “How much? Because our state follows the income shares model for its Tennessee Child Support Guidelines, both parents’ earnings and income from all sources are included when calculating child support. – by visiting Tennessee Child Support Law Answers to FAQs.

Make your job easier by obtaining a copy of Tennessee Parenting Plans and Child Support Worksheets: Building a Constructive Future for Your Family.Remember that the judge has limited discretion to deviate from the guidelines.Evidence will be needed to justify these special expenses.Such jurisdiction is continuing, which gives the court authority to modify orders later on. Second, the guidelines formula includes adjustments for health insurance premiums and work-related child care.Third, at this point the parent should look for any specific “add ons” for additional expenses, such as tutoring and extra-curricular expenses if those meet the minimum 7% threshold.

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