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This means that in the end, not all overlay icons will be displayed.Windows simply sorts the registered overlay icons alphabetically in the registry and uses only the first 15 of them.It’s under This is how my registry looks: Windows reads this list in alphabetical order which is kind of lame.I have some icons from Dropbox, some from Tortoise and some other that I suspect belong to Windows or Office.I’m using Tortoise SVN for source control both at work and at home.Lately I’ve been having some problems with it though because the icon overlays that show the status of files are not displayed.

In fact, we can change the names of the keys without breaking anything which gives us an easy way of rearranging the list!Soon, software vendors found that there is a simple trick to get their icons into the top 10 of the overlay icons in front of all the others, just by prepending the icon names with a blank.This of course spurred an absurd arms race of vendors prepending names with more and more blanks in order to overtrump others already using this trick.It seems that this list of 15 icons work but it doesn’t.It’s more likely that only 11 of these icons are used because I’m missing the most common Tortoise icons (Modified and Normal) which happen to fall just outside the range.

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Maybe I could skip some of the other icons too but I wanted to make sure it worked first.

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