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Criticism of quackery in academia[edit] The science-based medicine community has criticized the infiltration of alternative medicine into mainstream academic medicine, education, and publications, accusing institutions of "diverting research time, money, and other resources from more fruitful lines of investigation in order to pursue a theory that has no basis in biology."[9][10] R. Donnell coined the phrase "quackademic medicine" to describe this attention given to alternative medicine by academia.Referring to the Flexner Report, he said that medical education "needs a good Flexnerian housecleaning."[11] For example, David Gorski criticized Brian M.Another genius in Philadelphia, of the bogus diploma breed, who claims to have founded a new system of practice and who calls himself a "Professor," advertises two elixers of his own make, one of which is for "all male diseases" and the other for "all female diseases"!In the list of preparations which this wretch advertises for sale as the result of his own labors and discoveries, is ozone!Each brand retained the same basic appearance for more than 100 years.In 1909, in an attempt to stop the sale of quack medicines, the British Medical Association published Secret Remedies, What They Cost And What They Contain.[20][a] This publication was originally a series of articles published in the British Medical Journal between 19.[22] The publication was composed of 20 chapters, organising the work by sections according to the ailments the medicines claimed to treat.

By 1830, British parliamentary records list over 1,300 different "proprietary medicines,"[15] the majority of which were "quack" cures by modern standards.

Some would have addictive qualities to entice the buyer to return.

The few effective remedies sold by quacks included emetics, laxatives and diuretics.

using highly distinctive containers) and mass marketing to create and maintain markets.[13] A similar process occurred in other countries of Europe around the same time, for example with the marketing of Eau de Cologne as a cure-all medicine by Johann Maria Farina and his imitators.

Patent medicines often contained alcohol or opium, which, while presumably not curing the diseases for which they were sold as a remedy, did make the imbibers feel better and confusedly appreciative of the product.

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