Updating a wardrobe

Unless your an athlete and it’s absolutely necessary because of your schedule, then there’s no excuse.It’s lazy and looks like you might be hiding a less than desirable physique. A pair of some Adidas Ultraboosts, black joggers, a tee or a hooded sweatshirt, and a bomber jacket will look 100 times sharper. You’re headed back to campus and we’ve got some style tips to help you look your best this Fall.We see a lot of these common mistakes young guys make by either trying too hard or not trying enough.The last piece of designer clothing you bought was for your niece.Yes, Diane von Furstenberg's collection for Gap Kids is so adorable and, yes, you just had to buy a teeny-tiny wrap dress for your goddaughter.Look, there might be days you don’t want to style your hair.Fine, no problem, throw on your favorite baseball cap.

Your wardrobe doesn’t have to be fancy but you should care about what you’re wearing.You want a solid range of stuff you can wear—not a dizzying heap of things you don't love.Before you hit Barneys, make a pact to only buy things that fit your body and your lifestyle —the one you You're afraid of high heels.That’s why we made it easy on you and put together a list of all the essentials you need for a stylish back to school wardrobe. Unless you’re on the court or on the couch you shouldn’t be wearing basketball shorts.Grab some dark joggers instead, they’re just as comfortable and look a lot better.

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But don’t jump in with both feet and wear all the trends at once, all the time.

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