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It has one of the highest literacy rates in the world (94.5%) and the lowest unemployment rate of all developing countries.

Vietnam has a complex culture that takes influences from many sources including those of France who colonised the country in the 19 century, Japan and America.

Perhaps the most famous porn star of Vietnamese descent is Jayden Lee.

Though she was born in California, her parents are of Vietnamese and Korean descent.

Despite the law, the Vietnamese do enjoy a lot of porn and the top fifty most visited site in Vietnam include those that are adult in content (see porn viewing trends below).

Enforcement of the law and the requisite punishment varies depending on the extent of the crime.

However, both are accessible in the country though the latter is more accepted as part of the lucrative tourism industry.

Sex education in Vietnam is poor and the country has high rates of abortion, STIs and HIV/AIDS.

Though still officially considered a developing nation, Vietnam is a more forward-thinking and modern country than many would think.

A similar survey revealed that 34% of university students thought that premarital sex was acceptable; though a low percentage for many areas of the world, public opinion revealed that the majority of Vietnamese were shocked by this.

In contrast, two in five married men have had an affair and includes the use of a prostitute.

Though there are still strong traditional and cultural influences, Vietnam is not a prudish society when it comes to sex, just a discreet one.

It is illegal to produce, distribute, broadcast, import and advertise pornography in Vietnam and, as such, there are no legitimate adult film studios in the country.

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