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The story unfolds when Ong Seong-wu’s character transfers to a new school and needs to adjust to a new environment.

He’s described as a loner who finds a friend in Kim Hyang-gi’s role, a smart student whose academic achievement is driven by her ambitious mother.

A total of 17 new Korean dramas will premiere in July 2019. I’ve been a fan of K-dramas for over five years now but this record number of premieres in just a span of 31 days is unheard-of!

The co-director of ) with whom she ends up having an extramarital affair.

For some reason, the three end up living in one house. Ji Soo plays a well-off college student who’s sharing his house with his three friends, including his childhood and closest female friend played by Jung Chae-yeon.

In the first season of the series, he has finally found himself a girlfriend while Jung Chae-yeon’s and Seo Do-hyun’s characters have started dating each other secretly.

He also meets another student played by Shin Seung-ho who looks perfect on the surface but has a hidden inner dark side.

This nostalgic show is penned by the screenwriter of ) as a documentary film director who’s starting her own company without sufficient funds, and Han Ji-eun as a pretty and smart marketing team leader who has a cold personality.

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