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This knowledge was entirely due to our i mother's teaching "She tauehl us the rudunenta i of music, dancing and drawing, at all of which my sister became fairly proflelent." Let s Talk Of People Plastic Stirffton J*LAS"L'K. Laxoc practised in German) before gom^ tti Amcncj a ic* years jtgu. Henceforth, Lady Elizabeth had to m&k Prauleln and the brother of her pupil, always precarious, were finally broken ot T. Scitz on the Uni- veriity Council, Melhournt, is the hrst wcanan to ha Ld »ur± ot Tice af tin* lmiver^ic Dr. tie had suil fifteen hundred pesetas left and lie was Id no hurry to connect up with Ponton*. As he strobed under the palmettos In (rant at the dub on that ewrr nieht Pontsn* brushed put h! B UT by the lime I smve there Oum« will bo in bed.' Wattle erposiiilsted. [rum which we will never ii'trogross To the very grail, credit of the Australian Biotulra Alliiu Cranmln- slon, Uioso who iluupt lis i MJltcy haw rmliwd this most important, fact: and it it laritcly due to Ihelr lirrmd and BT-lwttve planning that we are tn hear the vartcity of artlau whose tours have been arranged. ] AVi AND ■ Radio Review [ *HOW TO GET YOUR FREE GIFT Talte yaof n«m ft, M IINI-'Y. whteh have already bene- fited vi Ciiii.v by the Enslls-h con- ductor's visit, A coloratura soprmno. Then there's one tin for the kitchen and one for the bathroom, niir) no ne*Hlle. for thin mstrvvlloiii H dirt cha ol«ai Lapr does to mnrh at tn amall a frost, and with such Itt Ur Sprin Me a little Old Dutch on the hock of a pifrfr and rub with a coin. iuigcr if one of the m.v vcls ul the dp., and ilmusi un Iwlievablc results *nr produtt J bv skilful practiuoneri There urc reputed to be only fru expert women p Uwu biir^eud^ in the wurlii. She is an expert airwoman and ski-jumper Later on came French governesses with whom the children were always inane to speak French, with ihi- result that when the waa ten the Queen could speak it quite us readily as English Fluent Linguist Ylr HEN Dsvid went to school, the Frfih Ch eoverhess af the lime. She departed from Qlamis, where she i£ still remember od In a legend- ary way a* having shaken the foun- dations of the castle by her Teutonic i tread Her place wa& immediately taken j by an English lady who at once endeared herself to her pupil and Jut broclier for many reasons Not Ihe leavt important wba her pro- , flclency as a tennis player, a game (t( which her predecessors had been but broken reeds | Continued on inside back cover — Spccujf T 61. elected to rake the seat formerly opa* pie J hy Mr. Swcrt a honorary lecturer in zoology and parasitolorry at tlic Ijtn venifj', a member of the l:atultn^ ot ^tic Ticc and Yetcnnafy Scierui and on the Australian Nitura J Re scorch Giuncil VCi S the first woman lecturer in the University, first woman to receive the Doctorate of Sti CBt C in Australia the fint woman member of the Faculty of Scicmc, anil die fir^t woman Associate profcsjcr. tr Hostess p p HT pnri t B O B ut an hostess n nuking An iiiuc-isjng appea] to intrepid young Ausrr-ilmns Here b one of rncm. of the Australian National Airways who already has a good l^ord of flying miles to her credit ■* Sne is a daughter ol t u . MASON Spain and Morocco are the Locale of this adventure story with an unusually tense climax. u Pears I tonic action I keeps your skin m clear- ' glowing i Eco Afore Every cake of Pears is matured for months to give it _ that glorious transparency — visible proof of its purity — and to remove every trace of harshness. Pontsns laid bit forrflnger run- nlorly along Uie aide of tils nnse "He wit) be espertlng you. No mril or 7*om -.j.-m National Library of Australia 51 69 51 Thv Ar S HUMAN WOMEN'S WKKK. Noted Conductor THIRST at the Importations to arrive will be. Sltvla Bernlta (Auatralian Joan Al Jenl- Cnunt di SSpatto although not well known to tlie majority Of Auotrfthans. h" vou ixnn»l *^ill fir J r*W*THlt fix ytiur fjili, cut u\u thii fofm, lilt in paniculjra ni Kl tucking vrith nd HM, Mldreatccl tft-1 Biix •U67 Y, fi. SGvia Bor- • Q1T, Q , P rlmrrn U3 IV Ri BRP-r l-S RSil J ID derive from htr m artery or Un* Itntmn hlyte. You TJ hear no ffr Jnt Kino WHnd bccitut« Old Dutch cort^ofnj no grit Tru t_hr same tc=t urtth an ontifidry L*le«ater and notice tht diff ttrtmcr., Old Dutch Offers an omoiing opportunity to get Al GUARANTEED SI LVERWARE St-nd to-day ffir «unf or lnrely "Old ) lifth" jiattrtn Si Etrrwarr And Cullery. ra\y FUl TTxpl Bt V and Hand- irnunrl Hnivea niarir by Vlnrr A Elall Up L Imprrlnl Works. f A r»a r n m*4 t HOW TO GET THE SILVERWARE t Kctld '' rindo UN parirh frnm Old Ihjtrh rnbrl.i and 1 2 'f D). Sprain in to be found in thix magnifiecnt study of a beautiful xenorita. one of the recognised master* of the modern Spanish kcroq I. "Prince Iffnr"' wo* o eyplritrd and ruturful item, but "L'Aprcs Midi" rumc at a tihtlii H dis- a|i| On Ha turd AT nljrht **Tlie Firebird," music by Slravinsli I , und "t'-Tr Ullon" were t Jir new ofterkajts. Sydney, uuended the Science Concrvtt in New Zealand as u delegate from '! George Girls' H i is n School and Sydney Urn - Watty. tant antbxcrpoloattit, toeing the only w/jnnan Co hoiet auob a post la Australia, Mine Brammell wu born In Pop OA, where bar fatiii T (Mr B W. fld* did par* of the medical ■ N.-ie lit thr ^lolhtmnif Unlvcr- "i Ly and tn«k n dlplom* of In- ^'it MUartal Mrtnwt«'nirn( at the t-tntly Kc Pheraan Collc«P before coinn tp the Alfred Koipita J. Success in India j N Australian, woman who « ill soon come home a/ter a lone; period of rafttabfe Empire service for ks * a urn, -u is Doutor fcf Tie Stillwell, medical officer-in- cliar^i- of the Purduh Ho&for Women in Pat nil, Ind Li. The rnlin- sta H of doctors, nurses, and attendants must be women at Xbcae In Ntltntiunn, Mrs. wl i'lcaxe turn to Page 32 See the boys *nj»yinjr ibern- irhrw. ■ M-il.'.n= t'UT«, ar att x-mi llfty^lul TLa Jlirt, YOFB Bttt CESS P0A1TIVRIT tl TJ \RAVTEO)t Kill in the coupon and pos L at once 7~i~" "f i T " " ~T\"uio " " *o BTtt L'tiaf BS lura..- r ■ ■■ r— r - ■Tls B St Uul M Of Bf^lfll.l1l Dlt Pfi.

But he was prudent and dared not break into hla solitary peseta. The food here u excellent, said Pontana, and at this moment Mftttle received his first imnres- .4// thr romance of . It l«r a ail ilay ( Hxtxl t creamy Mee keep* joy Jrp» *ufi — •sfr Kydiji — t/\J/ yuataajf Ht-pt XA7, tm ttirtw Hf Mi. Wf OHiualna ihta Uettat t Miwm* n«l kaie yea euk:u Ibt kali ajaaay trkr «a04ruff. T/ic AUSTRALIA WOMEN'S WEEKLY 23 I ESME SCOTT AT FARMER'S P-n-rtonal representative a) Holena Rubnutoin. LACES half and less TJB, B/a IMlitfhiftil Bjjedlt- ruo Jmh*. H dp L-ui* And ehorr«ffruphj rnmbi Dr til prr- tent a tirhr hll nil- htrioiii'liinl tiictorc of j Kifi-war Vknnu. ue r««i itierf Tttun, ni»rt from tat Tfiuln kftciiun dietetic work and She t K well equipped for hrr ■ iik. arhlcvrd much In suinlng the cnn~ fidenre and respect of the mothers who have pa^ed through her hands In a Purdah hospit.-il. Certainly ycu've dtme mo Te to rhoi Lgf niy life than anybody I evitir k Ji? i*«"kij Harr rrrnrf ik Mi * h * u_J "la of In hm«ll ( " ft Htl ■■ ull- b-d U »' TEDDIE GARRATT'S POSTAL COURSE msar- aaislulr nraln Lirf. F3R some reason, ever since the Queen was bom, I always addressed her as 'Princess Elizabeth,' kissed her hand and Invariably made her a low bow, which she acknow- ledged haughtily but cour- teously "Siir wo in extraordinarily graceful, dainty and engaging child. r T" l ilt KK i* glamour tor vitu in lirjsmic * Face Powdrr'n unique "HIuiiiicm." ERASM1C FACE POWWKR Ermir V-miluoi Own 1/6 lw, ' '■ * ,l«l]pli[fui ncciiwiv* powdcf h«» Liiitnir King and Qawvti wktn they i-isiie J , rtttm \ett rn Belgium twice, and I won't wear m Durn Lng for h Lm.' "Three months later Dana proved, to. Miriiael had been Rho T through the head, and it was some tlmv before he recovered hi* full menial powers and was able to let his faro-Lb/ know that he was tn a prison haspltnl In Germany "With a divinui B-rod in his hand, David was extraordinarily suscep- tible to under RTt Jund wuler, but as he jnrew older and ceased to be a Child* thbt uncomfortable? -I knew, of course, that ran had returned thli evening, but I was afraid, litwc jou were hen a wee* belort your tune. Her mother had marie for her a iotif; dress of rose- colored brocade, copied from & Vc Usques picture; full pleated and furthered at the wai M stiffened with a hoop uud coming right down to her feet "She wore this with a little cap of Hold tissue, and It was the prettiest sight ut the world to jw this jrw»- ful (tttta fl Rure dancing in thia red dres A, daintily lining tier skirts to [DOW ihat &he WW dut^B her steps properly, and bubhlin K over with mirth "I have vivid recoilrctimu of ser- ins Lhia lit Lit' rorte-elad fairy danc- ing Qui UUo Uui ear den in tier Ion* dress, and skipping daintily under the Interlaced bcual La of the pleached luiir walks, called by the : an j i iy ■■! "Fwt the reasons I have riven, t always araoefatc her with St. and un- canny power of 'second sight' sud- denly left him. It If enoouraiiau to oiler a little help and Ond onraelf to Jodtlflad. The glance of apprehension- the swift grip of his arm. I lot htm bo." The old Kald stopped and once motr berkoned tu Ma Ltle Drl VRr to 6lt down at his side: and thu tune Matlie obeyed. head, and In a voire full of shame he explained t,hr paw to whloh he had come. He hrounht it back Into the alcove and he balanced It between bit finders, thi light from the candles rippling along Its stem and Ha ward*, until it seomrd a f.hlntf alive wlilnii mo Ted- "IV 1 Tl OT a' spec* of runt Not a fix* in it* mr Lai." the old man continued. Their ancet- Vots, driven out by Petdinand and Iraljclla. this U a bigger piece ot Tllimny than I drramed of. I think I am alrald." Aloud he said : "Elohe Is that old Moorish town with IU famous date palms thirty kilometres or so from Alicante." "Yea," said the Kald. Madame Austral ha*- piv- ml Aed to have the song recorded when a hr nrriveo In Ijondon. I — I was nphtlnfr for you iisntm: Julia Lane and the others I dldn T. I khall never m;a-tt iee Anthony Canwitt, 6_r__rrtfy, NANCY FI-RGUBON". The dami Ltce was done a-- far an Nancy Pergii Eon was concerned. Anthony Conwitt must he chuck ling with t3memory of a .v-riea of funny Prlduy I benan wi^iiins I could com- munlratc with Nancy Perjri Lwi. now as swiftly relaxed, meant a fear lest they wen being watched. This is my friend Senor Juan Gomez, a merchant of Cordoha. The extreme* of fortune bring do surprise to a Moor who mtiv be a Prune Minister one day and a beji Rar without his eyes the next. "Yet It has hung trom lhat pillar for three hundred and fifty yearn. For It opf*ns The door of my house In Spain." Mattle Driver had expected Ju»! Here and there about Morocco, in Rnbat as hvthe Atlas, in Fsi as in Marrakcth. had carrlod rhclr house keya away wltli them againsi the time when thra- should return to Spain and fit them Into the locks again. "Perhaps even I ." said the old Kald, and he broke off with a laillih. very soon," and he sat absorbed like a man Razing upon a treasure. "My hrjuse stands on the river bank Tcvnf op if Tsseer The young bud-leaves of the tea-plant are rich in flavor. Mi55 Maclean's work 15 mast versatile, «ntl one of her recent flchi Mvi'mente ffnn to win an oil Australia competition for a waltx, wlur Ji w*a published by CThappell's, Sydney. Robert Mc- Cannell have eollabnrated With her in her work. realise until to-night how chpup »nd difi- pustiiiit --nd _otitemptuous the whole thing mujjt have iceincd to you. Lf I attempts another word I'd break into ooba, I turned before he could «top me unci raced for the corner. Somewhrre in London the poor kid muri T be sprawling on her bod.

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