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So for me, and the type of person I am, I just needed to do this.Cancer significantly exerts financial costs as well as on the body. One of the beautiful things about God gifting me breast cancer and giving me an early stage diagnosis was the fact that I am partnered with someone who can make a big difference and real change. So Andrew changed the law and now all the co-pays and deductibles are paid so there’s no cost.HBO will air the doc in October to coincide with Breast Cancer Awareness Month.Lee, who hosts shows on the Food Network and is a contributor to ABC’s Good Morning America, spoke to Market Watch about surviving the disease and why she believes her partner has transformed healthcare as well as supplying her with emotional support during her cancer fight. Sandra Lee: The only thing we wanted to do in creating this documentary was save lives.I would like people to use their tools and their knowledge and their information and share it. To born into a celebrity family is always a blessing as they can easily come to fame without hard work.

I would like people to take control of their healthcare. Get their checkups and be respectful of the people who have given their lives that will allow us these beautiful platforms in order to save our lives and to allow us to live longer.He changed the law in our state and what I want with this documentary is other states to change their law and be responsible to their women. Sounds like Governor Cuomo was a supportive partner. He never made me feel that I wasn’t still a desirable, wonderful woman that he was attracted to and that’s a really important thing to have in a partner.The government’s healthcare policies have come under much scrutiny this past year.Before landing at ABC News, she worked for various networks including CNN, CNBC, and POLITICO. Last Updated on April 4th, 2019To gather limelight is not an easy task. With such dedication and courage, a Nepal born American journalist Kiran Chetry has gained a massive recognition for serving as (Read more)….Last year, a number of celebrities opened about their health issues and one of them was American actress cum musician Zosia Mamet.

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