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And I can certainly say I never thought I'd be cutting a rug with @Cake Boss Buddy -That was fun! Tomorrow I'll awaken and the bird will be on the wire outside my window. #buddyvsduff #teamduff #teamgeuff instagram.com/p/Bv LHKibg153/… A famous baker, Duff Goldman's fans wonder if he is secretly married.

Not only that he has been a supporter of same-sex marriage, which led people to suspect that he is gay. In 2015, he partnered with chef Art Smith for the 101 Gay Weddings Campaign, an attempt of giving 101 same-sex couple a dream wedding. It’s like, why deny people's weddings because they’re homosexual? He also admitted that he gets a lot of flak for openly supporting gay weddings and LGBT rights but that hasn't impacted his standing. Recently, Duff took to Instagram to show off his massive weight loss with his two comparable pictures, which are claimed to have been taken only three months apart.

Held outside of a root cellar on a weekend in September, this festival has everything: a hairy shirtless baker, beer made… I'm happy to be crashing the stage with my chef buddies and their band COIC CDOCV!?

Roots Rants and Roars is Newfoundland's hottest festival.

It has been believed that he was in a relationship with a woman named Sofia Rodriguez, a cake decorator and an icer at his Charm City Cakes.

According to People magazine, Duff and Sofia were living together during the mid-2000s.

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It seems like she is not a part of the company anymore.

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