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Rzeznik’s daughter Liliana, who turns 2 in December, is in the kitchen. He’s smitten with the way she talks, using words like “Corr-ECT! ” “It’s always about the second syllable,” said Rzeznik, his voice tender. This is the voice of “Iris,” the mournful pop ballad he wrote that is one of the most-played songs on radio in the last 20 years.

That Rzeznik voice is the one lodged in the pop-culture zeitgeist. We can hear it, emulate it and see it when Rzeznik’s Goo Goo Dolls play live, which they will do Oct.

Presently, the band has guitarist/backing vocalist Brad Fernquist, keyboardist/guitarist/backing vocalist Jim Mc Gorman, and drummer/guitarist/ saxophonist/keyboardist/backing vocalist Craig Macintyre as its touring members.

John also makes some neat earnings as a singer-songwriter, and producer.

Rzeznik is inside on a rainy late-summer day, brewing coffee that he’ll drink only after cooling it with water, lest he burn the vocal cords that got him here, and keep him here. Lili, as Rzeznik and his wife, Melina, call their daughter, has her father’s alabaster skin and reddish-brown hair.However, the band’s career was pushed to the upward side after John wrote the soundtrack and song of the 1998 romantic fantasy movie, He is said to have the performed the song as well.Outside of the show business, John and his band have been involved in several charity projects.In the course of his sustained career, the music maestro worked with the following prestigious labels Warner Bros, Metal Blade, and Warner.The Goo Goo Dolls superstar’s full name is John Joseph Theodore Rzeznik.

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