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You have a few projects coming up that are interesting, like Two Night Stand. I play his ex-girlfriend who comes in the end and kicks his ass a little bit. It was fun to do something with an actor like that, who is so comedic. There hasn't been a trailer released for that yet, so I'm still waiting to see what this is going to look like. It's about relationships, it's about fear, it's about insecurity, and I think everyone can relate to those things. I'd love for the movie to keep growing and for people to keep loving it.

That sounds like a fun, different kind of way to go into a movie like that. I haven't really done comedy in awhile, so it was refreshing. Leven Rambin: Yeah, and just working with Miles was fun because we got to improvise and do a bunch of stuff.

That still haunts me, kind of, in my nightmares, but it was worth it, it was fun.

It was totally out of everyone's comfort zone, but everyone did it, because Jay would have done it.

I think the movie had it's spotty points, but Michael did the best he could with it. I read that a bunch of cameras were actually lost during the surfing scenes.

Leven Rambin: Yeah, we lost like eight cameras in the surf.

Leven’s paternal grandfather was Joseph Howard Rambin, Jr.

My lifelong best friend now lives there, and I never came back to L. I was really glad to work with him, and I would love to work with him again. The movie takes place over two days, and Miles Teller, who is fantastic, is in it. You also play Clarisse in Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. She's kind of like a mean girl, but she has her reasons, and I think it's going to be really great. It's so inspiring to young people and old people alike, to really appreciate your life, and live your days like it's your last, and push yourself out of your comfort zone. It's just really heartfelt and I think it's a good message to send out there.

Even though I could simply crush Stephanie with a single swipe of my husky hand, we managed to carry on a sufficiently entertaining duel. I have never felt such a passion and commitment to my craft as I did during that scene.

I am so grateful to the writers for having me go down in such a fantastic blaze of glory.

She attended the same private school from K-8 and her first acting gig was the lead role in a play at the small private school, St. She had no previous acting training, but had always wanted to be an entertainer, so she took private acting lessons in Houston during 8th grade where an acting coach saw talent in her, and suggested she go to L. I had such an amazing time shooting (no pun intended) the fight scene with Jesse.

Just wanted to stop by the blog to thank all of you for your support of me and Riley (even you naysayers! You all inspired me more than you know so thank you for yours efforts.

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