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I took off my towel and crawled into bed nude, sitting up against the headboard and spreading my legs. With my right hand, I reached between my legs and touched my pussy. I picked up my cell phone with my left hand, keeping my right hand on my pussy. Just as I was about to shut down my laptop, I saw MH's phone sex challenge of the week. I contemplated calling him for several minutes, backing out a couple of times.

But after high school, I came to terms with the fact that I just find women more sexually arousing than men. My boyfriend knows that I'm attracted to women, and he's OK with it.It isn't just the sex I miss, although that ranks in the top two or three things. I logged into MH and read several stories that had me pretty aroused by the time I was through. I miss the conversation, his kiss, the feel of his body ( he sleeps nude, remember! Then I got out of bed and carefully shut my bedroom door, figuring I would do a little masturbating before going to sleep. The phone rang several times, and I was about to hang up when he answered. " I panted as I now worked two fingers in and out of my throbbing wet pussy. " I panted, my breathing getting heavier as I finger-fucked myself.

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