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I was less careful about my intake in 2014, and that’s part of the reason I had some regain. Another highlight of 2014 was my family trip to Amsterdam.

When the Bullock family travels, we do so in short intense bursts.

I got many concerned messages from readers, and I wasn’t exactly sure what to say.

I was living my life as a healthier woman, and didn’t necessarily want the voyeurs of the interwebz to have access to my deepest and darkest.

I realized that I had achieved improved health and activity, but my mental health was still lacking.

As a sufferer of depression and anxiety since my teen years, I’ve tried plenty of medications and met with quite a few mental health professionals.

However, within a month of the surgery, I moved from Salt Lake City to Detroit and started a new job. Once I was in Detroit, I had a few personal epiphanies about my happiness.

I declined sponsorships, product reviews, and opportunities to make money off my weight loss success.The pills and visits seemed to help me situationally, but I still would get into phases where my coping skills were poor.And whereas food was a frequent coping mechanism prior to surgery, I had lost my ability to medicate with food to a degree.98% of morbidly obese people fail at dieting, which only 2% are successful.For 20 years, I was in the diet boat, and felt trapped for so long.

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