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) and it's a nuisance to have to copy and paste URLs so I parsed that list into one with link tags and put it here: thought the same at first, but is Argentina doing something abnormal with ar and ar? The countries that mix everything like tend to lose some vital functionality.Also with all its deficiencies, the Argentinean NIC is free, as in free you confirmed that all listed domain has been banned .Or, if there's a good reason why it shouldn't be public, then I would love to know it. and then displays message:"Down until 4/19/08 due to bandwidth limitations! "This entire discussion is feeling very surreal - with innuendos about poison-named domains that ban one's account.Some sites are banned, obviously because their signal-to-noise ration is unacceptably low. I do like the idea of openness about banning policies.There is also a policy discouraging content that simply paraphrases another link ("linkjacking"). Why force people to stumble around in the dark and then be punished when they step in the dog piles?Perhaps linkjacking is perfectly acceptable for banned sites. [Or is there a concern about legal concerns if one "vilifies" a site by pronouncing it banned?Try things out, and if they seem to work, let them take over to a greater extent.

However, editor-oversight of this list and, more broadly, this site has drawbacks: sustainability, non-diversity, missed opportunity.

Others (like url shortening services, squidoo, etc) are banned because they're often used by spammers.

Others are banned for the reasons I listed in that recent essay: linkjacking, being offtopic, or characteristically being fluff.

There's been a few cases recently where I found an interesting article to submit here and was unable to submit it.

The site appears to accept the article, but the story remains invisible to everyone and to me appears to have no comment box.

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