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We will attempt also to answer the question of whether the approach which views Rabbi Simeon Bar Yohai as the author of the Zohar is indeed the sole approach in traditional Judaism through the ages, as many today view it.Before we begin on the question of who wrote the Zohar when, it is worthwhile to present the structure of the book.But he wrote what he did out of his own head and heart, and knowledge and mind.[7] And when I saw him writing without any material before him I used to say to him: Why do you tell everybody that you are copying from a book, when you have no book, and you write out of your own head?Would it not be better for you to say that the work was your own brainchild, because then you would get more credit?The divisions which comprise the Zohar in its widest sense are: Aside from these divisions, Kabbalists had other sections in manuscript form which were not included in the printed editions, and some of them have been lost entirely...

To a certain extent it is known that this is not a single book, but an entire branch of literature unified under a single name.I pursued it and asked the scholars who possessed some of its great words of wisdom whence had come these wonderful mysteries that had been transmitted orally and not written down, and that were now plain to all who could read.And I did not find their answers to my question very convincing. Some said in answer to my question that the faithful rabbi Nachmanides had sent it from the land of Israel to Catalonia, to his son, and the wind had brought it to Aragon, and others say to Alicante, and it had fallen into the hands of the sage Rabbi Moses de Leon, who is also described as Moses de Guadalajara.And I said to him: If you do as I advise, you will be able to obtain the book of the Zohar, whose value surpasses both crystal and gold.I suggested that this Rabbi Joseph should summon his wife and tell her to send a servant with a present for the wife of Rabbi Moses. And on the next day he said to her: Now go to the house of Rabbi Moses's wife and say as follows: I should very much like my son to marry your daughter, and then you will never lack bread to eat or clothes to wear.

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