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This is useful reading for understanding how XQuery works, though it uses a lot of terms and concepts.A new Appendix "Context Components" summarizes how the static and dynamic context are initialized.So what this section really specifies is what namespace prefixes may be used when elements are written in text form (serialized) and in the function.The base URI of a constructed element node, as well as copied descendant nodes, are taken from the static context, even if the original nodes have some other base URI.

XQuery is mostly a superset of XPath 1, but one significant difference was in path expressions; XQuery left out support for some of the less common axes: this way.But these alternative formulations are both inconvenient for users and harder for an implementation to optimize, which suggests the these axes should be standard. An implementation is free to implement the Full Axis Feature, in which case it must implement all these extra axes.On the other hand, the other axes may be very inefficient in some reasonable implementations, and programmers may not understand this if the axes are standard. There are new computed constructors for processing instructions, comments, and spaces. CREATE TABLE purchaseorder_table (reference VARCHAR2(28) PRIMARY KEY, requestor VARCHAR2(48), actions XMLType, userid VARCHAR2(32), costcenter VARCHAR2(3), shiptoname VARCHAR2(48), address VARCHAR2(512), phone VARCHAR2(32), rejectedby VARCHAR2(32), daterejected DATE, comments VARCHAR2(2048), specialinstructions VARCHAR2(2048)); CREATE TABLE purchaseorder_lineitem (reference, FOREIGN KEY ("REFERENCE") REFERENCES "PURCHASEORDER_TABLE" ("REFERENCE") ON DELETE CASCADE, lineno NUMBER(10), PRIMARY KEY ("REFERENCE", "LINENO"), upc VARCHAR2(14), description VARCHAR2(128), quantity NUMBER(10), unitprice NUMBER(12,2)); INSERT INTO purchaseorder_table (reference, requestor, actions, userid, costcenter, shiptoname, address, phone, rejectedby, daterejected, comments, specialinstructions) SELECT t.reference, t.requestor, t.actions, t.userid, t.costcenter, t.shiptoname, t.address, t.phone, t.rejectedby, t.daterejected, t.comments, t.specialinstructions FROM purchaseorder p, XMLTable('/Purchase Order' PASSING p. Abel The Description of Line Item[1] for Reference PTUCKER-20021009123335430PDT is Picnic at Hanging Rock PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

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