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When Greg decides not to attend a movie premiere, Jimmy takes his ticket and goes there.He tells someone he meets that the movie was lousy. See full summary » When Greg decides not to attend a movie premiere, Jimmy takes his ticket and goes there. The home sites for this guide are for show info and for episode details.Two couples---with dramatically different parenting styles---raise their kids in L. Neurotic first-time parents Greg and Kim fuss over their infant's every twitch, while Kim's laid-back sister Christine and her husband, Jimmy, don't particularly mind their kids becoming TV zombies.

Their differences in lifestyles often caused trouble between them, especially once Jimmy and Christine moved into Greg and Kim's backyard guest cottage. This comedy for everyday watch and everyday pleasure.This story about young family and kids, this story about life, this story about everyone. But family is family is family is family, Yes, Dear. In the fifth season episode titled, "Headshot" Jimmy and Christine experience a flashback to a time when their son Sammy was an infant with them living with Greg and Kim but it had previously been stated that Sammy was one year old when they moved in. " Long responds with, "I used to work in a bar", a reference to her role as a barmaid on the series, "Cheers".

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  1. The Caucasian boy stated that his parents would be concerned about him dating outside his race with a “black” girl because the implication is that since their families would intertwine eventually and the African-American girl’s family of origin is unknown, that would be a cause of consternation.